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Dressing Room Workout

Dressing Room Workout

My name is Christy and I am recently divorced.  I turned to physical activity to help forget what a piece of shit my ex-husband was all those years.  Don’t even get me started on that “douchebag!” OK, enough about that, let me tell you some great things happening in my life now.  I must say my body was starting to show some nice results from my workout routine.  In fact, my workout today at the club was absolutely amazing. My muscles ached from the cross training and I couldn’t wait for my first session with the brand new masseuse.

Marlen, who had recently moved from Sweden, welcomed me onto the massage table. Her expert hands had me relaxing in no time and I could just feel the stress and muscle tension release from my body.  I could also feel my pussy starting to moisten with each muscle knead. Marlen was the utmost professional and proceeded to work on nearly every part of my backside, except the part that was aching for sexual contact.

Marlen instructed me to roll over and began rubbing from my toes northward. Her hands traveled ever near my pussy and I could sense that I was going to have to take care of myself once I got home. Marlen could sense my semi-aroused state but, to my dismay maintained her professional behavior.  The massage ended and I thanked Marlen and scheduled a follow up appointment. I quickly sped home in hope of cumming before having to take my daughter and her friends to the mall.

Once home, I wasted little time getting my favorite sex toy and heading to the shower.  I went to work on my aching pussy and was so close to cumming when I heard a knock on the bathroom door. “Mom, hurry up, we’ve got to go to the mall and buy a birthday present to Liza.”  FML as the kids say now!  I shouted “I will be right out” and knew I would have to finish this when I returned from shopping.  I slipped on a “mall worthy” skirt and the closest matching top I could find.

We got the mall and my daughter’s “bitchy friends” were there tapping their feet saying in bitchier tone, “We’re Waiting!”  I offered to tag along and they said, “No Way,” we are fourteen and can handle ourselves.  My daughter gave me the “It will be OK look” and I knew she had her cell phone if she ran into trouble.  We agreed on our meeting place in two hours and away they went.

I figured, I might as well enjoy some shopping on my own and it didn’t take me long to kill about an hour and a half before ending up in the most exclusive department store in the mall.  I meandered throughout the various sections before seeing some comfy designer tees that I just had to try on.  I took several to try as well as some other goodies “I just had to have!”  I asked the salesperson to open a room for me and told her I would call if I needed further assistance. While trying on the clothes, I felt a “frisky urge” to take some “selfies” for the hot new dating site I had recently joined. While snapping a couple of shots, I heard the salesperson speaking to another woman with a thick accent that was immediately familiar. It was Marlen!

I tried to be still but, the urge to start taking risque shots for my dating profile prevailed. I took a couple and then heard, “Is someone over there taking photos?” “Busted” was all I could imagine. Shortly a tap on the door was what I knew was my forced exit by the salesperson.  I opened the door slowly and all I could say was “Holy Fuck” as I saw my new masseuse. Marlen exclaimed “Christy, What Are You Doing?”  I was so fucking embarrassed and turned on at the same time.  I explained myself to Marlen that I was recently divorced and her touched was the first time I had been aroused since my divorce. I then told her about the dating sites I had joined.

Well, let me help take some photos of you then. Marlen took my phone and crowded into the dressing room.  What about the salesperson?  Don’t worry Marlen offered without hesitation, she is my best friend.  Marlen had me pose for a few sultry poses and then said, “Enough Photos, That should Get You Plenty of Dates!”

“Now, Let’s Help You Really Relax.”With that she pulled my head to hers and slid her soft tongue into my mouth. My knees weakened as I surrendered to her magical touch.  In no time she had her hands on my now naked breasts and was sucking them to perfection.  My mind was racing that I didn’t even feel her hand release from breasts to my now soaked pussy.  “Please finger fuck me, I pleaded!”  With that Marlen gracefully inserted one, then two fingers and fucked me for all I was worth. She knelt down and before I knew it, her lips and tongue were lapping at my ever flowing pussy juice.

Marlen then told me to relax and that she was going to release all body tension from my asshole. With that she slid her index finger deep inside my ass.  My husband always wanted to have anal sex and I refused every time. I was so thankful I save my anal virginity for Marlen!  I had never felt such a fucking nasty sensation and it wasn’t long before I came all over that beautiful face. Marlen was true to her word as I did release all my tension, while she still had her finger planted deep in my ass.  I had barely stopped cumming when my phone received a text from my daughter wondering why I wasn’t back at our meeting spot.

“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, Marlen.”  “No, that’s OK just don’t be late for your next appointment.”  As I exited the dressing room feeling like a new woman I heard, “Hey Christy, “Before you go, why don’t you take a photo of me!” I quickly snapped a shot of this gorgeous woman outside the dressing room. “Better make it two” Marlen offered and then flashed her perfectly proportioned Swedish tits.

I will cherish this moment and my first sinsexcams.com anal orgasm forever!

Date: July 18, 2015