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Lesbian Massage

Lesbian Massage

I was kind of in a daze when the nurse asked me if I would like a therapeutic massage before bedtime. I always enjoyed masturbating while surfing lesbian porn sites had always dreamed of a lesbian massage. I wondered if fate was going to be kind from what could have been a near tragic accident tonight? Kara was a cute petite nurse, with a nice smile and shoulder length brunette hair. Believe me, I still hurt from being cramped up in the car after the wreck and didn’t hesitate to say yes.

I have had many fantasies where my room is entered by a sexy masseuse and ends up seducing me with a hot lesbian massage. Kara informed me they were short staffed that evening but, would return after she made her rounds. You can imagine how wet my pussy was getting in expectation of what might (at least I hoped) happen. I wanted to play with my teen pussy so bad but, didn’t want to let Kara know I was feeling good enough to “take care of myself.”

I composed myself and knew that I better play my cards right if there was any possibility of me living out my lesbian massage fantasy. When Kara returned I was prepared mentally to offer any body language hint that might let her know I was a ready and willing lesbian massage participant. Kara closed the door behind her and I thought it odd that she actually locked the door behind her. I found out later that she didn’t have proper orders to give a therapeutic massage and that she was doing this during her break time.

In the softest voice I’ve ever heard, she asked, “Megan honey, are you still awake? Do you still need that back rub?” “Yes” I replied. Actually, I need more of a total body massage as well. I hurt all over, especially my upper legs I added. “OK then, let’s get you out of that ugly hospital gown before we start.” Kara helped me out of the hospital gown and instructed me to lay face down for now. “Now, just relax and let your mind think only happy thoughts,” Kara encouraged.

Kara then started and her soft hands made my feet feel relaxed and so light. She began to go upward toward my aching calf muscles. Kara’s hands were applying just the right amount of pressure. Her hands worked in small circles that were just the right firmness to relax, not too hard, not too soft. I pretended not to notice that Kara grazed my pussy lips during the inner thigh portion of the massage with her fingers. I almost tensed up but, knew I better not acknowledge the fact. I felt somewhat uneasy; knowing Kara probably discovered that I was becoming increasingly aroused.

Kara then went onto my other thigh with her soft warm hands but, this time slid over without touching my pussy. I hoped that somehow my pussy wetness did not blow my lesbian massage fantasy. Kara then moved up to my tight ass cheeks and spread them slightly with her fingers. She started massaging me caressing my ass firmly as her fingers moved slowly upward. Kara the proceeded north and began massaging my back and neck.

My heart began to beat faster and I knew that I was not going to able to conceal my excited pussy wetness any longer. When I get turned on, my pussy gets so fucking wet. She told me to turn over and she’d massage my front. This time she started with my neck. Kara quickly had her fingers moving lower toward my budding breasts. She told me to simply relax and if I’m not comfortable then to simply tell her. She reminded me this massage was strictly therapeutic in nature. I did not know what to expect after that disclaimer, so I just lay there not knowing what was next. Her strong fingers begin to massage my breasts. She rotated her fingers to my nipples and caressed them with an ideal quantity of pressure. Kara then cupped my breasts, squeezing them slightly and then tweaked each nipple with care before proceeding to move further down my excited body.

Kara then immediately went past my belly button and down to my inner thighs. Looking at me coyly, she parted my thighs. I did not say a word for fear of disrupting the lesbian massage vibe, I just kept my eyes shut. She then massaged my inner thighs and brought her fingers dangerously close to my pussy. Her fingers slowly got closer until they lightly moved over my delicate folds. She then leaned in with more pressure and began massaging my pussy. Kara then scooted me down the bed so my ass was closer to the edge, allowing her better mobility.

Kara continued to rub my pussy then down again, up and down. My back arched when she finally applied pressure to my awaiting clit. It was official; my lesbian massage fantasy was about to come true! She parted my pussy lips and exposed my now rock hard clit. “What a pretty little pussy,” Kara said. She then took her other hand and proceeded to slide a finger deep inside me with great affection as she rubbed my clit with professional care. It was loving, warm and felt wonderful. I opened my eyes hoping this wasn’t a lesbian massage dream and found Kara was looking at me.

I thought to myself, just a few hours ago, I was involved in a nasty car wreck and now I’ve got an adorable sexy nurse, massaging my naked teen body. I started to sense her breath and as I looked down, could see Kara’s lips finally on my pussy. Her hot breath and incredible tongue added a sensation I had only dreamed of before. I started to moan as her tongue worked my clit to perfection. Kara was totally devouring my wet teen pussy. She was sucked on my clit like (well words cannot fully describe it) I had only dreamed of and it was driving me insane. Her fingers spread my legs more, and she plunged her two fingers deep into my welcoming pussy.

Kara began licking tougher and faster until I was on the verge of my first orgasm. Well, the first I didn’t give myself, that is! Fuck, did Kara ever know what she was doing! I was about ready to explode when she stopped licking and fingering before I could cum. I looked up and saw her reach around to something in the bag she had brought into the room earlier. Kara smiled at me holding a rather fancy looking dildo and asked, “Are you prepared to relax even more?” I simply nodded in pre-cum approval.

Kara got down and threw my legs upwards and plunged the dildo deep inside of my awaiting pussy. She began to thrust the fancy dildo into me and it was hitting spot I didn’t even know I had. As she fucked me, my eyes lit up with each thrust, I moaned louder and louder. My hips where rocking and I was trying my best to match her “in and out” rhythm. Kara instructed me to quiet down and that I was going to cum soon. Kara then changed her technique and all I can say is that I have now confirmed that I do in fact have a G-spot! Whatever she did or touched released a stream of girly cum like I have never seen before.

Kara then removed the dildo from my still contracting pussy and brought it to my mouth. She forced my mouth open gently and told me to get used to the taste of pussy. She got off of me and plunged the dildo back into my dripping pussy. She began fucking me so hard I thought we were going to fall off the hospital bed. Honestly, I did not care at that point, everything felt so fucking great! It didn’t take me very long to cum again, courtesy of Kara. My pussy muscles grabbed the dildo while Kara kindly held it deep allowing me to enjoy a full lesbian massage cum.

My body undulated with every orgasmic wave that passed over me. Kara then got off and gave me my first girl-girl kiss and helped me back on with that ugly hospital gown. “Tomorrow will be a one hour rehabilitation massage,” Kara offered in a professional tone. “You better rest up as I plan on getting you to interact from this point forward”, she said, with a small laugh. With that, Kara walked out of the room and I drifted off to sleep knowing my lesbian massage fantasy was going to become a regular reality!

Date: October 4, 2015