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Life’s a Beach!

Life’s a Beach!

I awoke alone, bored and frustrated. I was disappointed that my first summer out of high school had started out in such non-celebratory form. I squinted from the early morning light that pervaded the bedroom and thought “fuck it,” I’m going back to sleep.  Just as I started to doze off the phone rang. I was initially pissed off but, soon changed my tune when my Aunt Phoebe was on the other line. “Really?,” I said.  “Why yes, love. You are always welcome to stay at my beach house.” I heard you didn’t have any plans before college, so why don’t you just chill her for the summer?”

I didn’t have to be asked twice and before I could pack my bags, my inbox chimed with a plane ticket for the next morning courtesy of Aunt Phoebe. I had always loved the beach and Aunt Phoebe had always been my favorite. She was single and independently wealthy having developed a highly successful software product still being used to this day. The phone rang again and was my mother telling me to enjoy my graduation surprise and jokingly told me to “Be Good, or Be Good at It” this summer. Apparently, my mother and Aunt Phoebe had been planning the pre-college getaway for awhile.

It was a relatively smooth plane ride with a short connecting flight. When I arrived, Aunt Phoebe was there in a beautiful sun dress waving away. I waved back and grinning “ear to ear” as I was already in beach mode mentally! We hugged for a long moment and all i could say was, “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!” Enough with that, let’s head for the beach!

“So, how was the trip? Are you hungry or thirsty?” “Yes and Yes,” I quickly answered! Well then, lets stop at my favorite beach bar and take care of that. Aunt Phoebe ordered a funny sounding mix drink a “virgin” version for me. I noticed her wink at the bartender and could swear my drink had lost her virginity before it got to me! After a couple of drinks, we headed to my summer home. Words can’t described the beach air and breeze!

Aunt Phoebe took one of my bags and told me to follow her to my new room. “Holy shit, what a view!” “Well, why don’t you wait to unpack and come see my pool area.” I was in heaven, a pool too?! Aunt Phoebe kicked off her flip flops and took my hand to lead me downstairs. Her hair was blowing in the sea breeze and the sun made her sun dress nearly x-ray in appearance.  I noticed just amazing her body was and hoped I inherited this anti-aging trait myself. The top of her long legs confirmed she wasn’t wearing any panties. For some reason, my eyes could just couldn’t stop staring at her instead of the pool.

“Like what you see, honey?” “Oh, Aunt Phoebe, is amazing!” I knew she was asking about the pool but, I found myself mentally applauding her body as well. “Aunt Phoebe, I do you mind if I hop in the pool to cool off? I’m feeling a little tired and travel weary.” “Why yes, jump right in,” she encouraged. OK, I’ll be right back after I change into my new bikini. “Why wait,” just take off your clothes and jump right in!” “Skinny dip,” I blushed. “Sure, no one can see and that’s the ONLY way I ever swim!”

Calling her bluff, I stripped naked and dove into the water. Aunt Phoebe said she was going to rest for an hour or so and then we could plan dinner, etc. The water invigorated every inch of my body and mid-swim I began to feel very horny. I normally masturbate at least once a day and sometime two or three times! However this morning my routine was interrupted but, in a great way as I didn’t dare miss my flight. I swam for 45 minutes or so, then headed for the shower to clean up.

I stepped into the “spa-like shower” and welcomed the cascading water over my travel weary. My body was feeling re-energized and I figured I had time for at least one cum before Aunt Phoebe wanted to go to dinner. I started to rub my body all over stopping at my breasts to pull on my gently nipples. My pussy started to ache from the lack of attention all day. I had masturbated (it seemed like anyway) forever and never really found anyone who who please my body as much as I could myself.

I took my hands hand off my tits and turned around in the shower rubbing my pussy. I could see out of the corner of my eye that I had failed to close the bathroom door fully. I was much too involved in my “self love” to stop and close any door now. My fingers were busy massaging my clit while my other hand returned to cup my increasingly sensitive tits. I had always enjoyed sucking on my own tits and had just bit down on my own nipple when I saw Aunt Phoebe standing in the bathroom.

“Well, welcome to the beach,” she stammered!” “I’m so sorry, Aunt Liz but, I just couldn’t help myself!” “Please forgive me and don’t say anything to mom. . .  Please!” “Well, your secret is safe with me but, there is no shame in masturbating she assured.” With that Aunt Phoebe slipped off her sundress and joined me in the shower.

“Now, let’s start this summer off right with a good cum!” Aunt Phoebe leaned over and kissed me on the cheek before turning around and shoving two fingers deep into her hot pussy. She pumped them in and out with fervor and it didn’t take her long to scream out in pleasure, “I’m cumming!” “I’m right behind you Aunt Phoebe as I rubbed my clit to perfection. I was so aroused seeing my Aunt cumming in front of me that I didn’t even have time to finger my own pussy. I came that fast!

I couldn’t believe what was happening  right before my very eyes. Aunt Phoebe and I had just came seconds apart sharing the same shower. She turned around and kiss me on the cheek again, although this kiss was placed dangerously close to my lips. I had no idea what was in store for me that summer but, what a first day of my trip to Aunt Phoebe’s!

Date: August 20, 2015