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Webcams: Getting Started

Webcams: Getting Started

How Do I Get Into the Webcam Business?

There are many different ways someone can work on the Internet.  You can model for an external pay site, where the company takes care of all the advertising, promotion and bookings.  You just book on for certain hours and get a paycheck for work performed.  You can work at a video site where you tape the performance then send it to the web company; or shoot the videos with the company and they upload them to the site.

For many, the preferred method of working in the adult industry is from the comfort of your own home, or wherever in the world for that matter!  With today’s technology you can quickly and without great expense setup your own webcam and website. Or you could set a camera up in your room all day and night (or certain hours) for subscribers to check in anytime while you just do what you normally do (voyeuristic).

Be forewarned that anything you put out there will potentially be in cyberspace FOREVER.  So be careful, decide what you are truly comfortable with boundary-wise and then stick to them.  If you don’t want to show your face or otherwise disclose your identify, there are tons of creative ways around it. . . although, be prepared to receive a lot less money!

No one said it was going to be easy!  It takes time to build up a fan base with webcam work, so don’t get discouraged if it seems like you’re not swamped with an entire “chat room” of DIH (Dick in Hand) Customers at first.  There are a lot of sites out there, so you must do something to set yourself apart.  Do you secretly have any fantasies or fetishes you wish to explore?  If you have a certain things that you like to do or are good at, that will obviously help.  The more you tease and draw out the performance aspect of your work, the more worked up your customers get (and the more money you make).  Just keep those “Dick in Hand” customers cumming back for more!

Be aware that because you are on the internet, you may be subject to laws in other countries. The World Wide Web is not limited to your jurisdiction!  For instance, one performer worked with a webcam company that required that there was no self-fisting allowed.  Fisting and other non-mainstream porn acts might make certain fans happy but could be illegal during a webcam session in a particular country.  Better safe than sorry, so just put four fingers in but, don’t you dare stick your entire fist in your pussy, or for the real freaks out there, Your ASS!

How Do I Set Myself Apart From the Other “Hot Babes?

Do your research.  What’s hot right now?  Everyone always seems to love LESBIANS!  What are the current trends generating search engine traffic? MILFS? Find it and take advantage of them, or “Go for It” and create your own niche!  Get creative with light and angles, if you are the creative type. What’s your hottest body part?  Play with up it! Appeal to that really kinky fetish your audience will pay for on a regular basis. Deep down, everyone’s has some kink in them. Personalize your web-based persona so that your fans will keep tuning in to view what you’re up to. Have some fun with it and be the “Master of Your Own Domain!”

If you are a live Internet sex worker who prefers the chat based customer please be aware that some of your viewers will try to “Sneak a Peek” and get freebies from you before disappearing. However, you can use this to your advantage, but use it sparingly so you’re not giving it all away for free. You don’t want to lose your audience too soon.

In a chat room, don’t spend too much time chatting. Try to get them to buy “Private” shows right after they tell you what they want.  Sell the Sizzle!  If they can see you and chat with you before they pay, focus the camera on your cleavage. Keep you face out of the picture as there should be a premium for this privilege.  Another “tried and true” tip is to cover your feet and NEVER let them see your toes! There are many foot fetish clients. . .  if they can see your bare feet for free, they have no reason to buy a private show.

So, How Much Can I Make?

Pay rates are usually by the minute, and there are different rates for video feed or live chat.  For many companies, if you are doing a lesbian duo, the shows cost the same so you end up sharing the daily wage.  If you decide to go this route, please ensure that your co-performer is as passionate/serious about the business as you are.  Remember, you are only as strong as your weakest performance and one bad show can turn off members from cumming back!  It pays to really know you co-worker beforehand.

For most in the industry, Webcam work usually pays in the neighborhood of $40-$100 an hour. Once again, this amount is based on several variables but, the one that you can control is “You and Your Performance!”  Many members pay via a monthly membership where they can view other models too, so it pays to do a scouting report from time to time to see what your competition is doing to maintain or increase their business.  Recently, there have been some very cool “tip-based” programs that we will cover in future www.sinsexcam.com updates.

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Date: July 12, 2015