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While The Husbands Away

While The Husbands Away

As I walked into the dark little bar, I could sense the female patrons knew that I was on the prowl for some hot and horny pussy.  My husband was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for a month on business and I was horny as hell! I never cheat on him with men but, women, that’s an entirely different story!  I had worked my pussy into an absolute frenzy masturbating to some hot chicks I found on www.sinsexcams.com and needed a “more personal” release.

I wanted, no make that needed to cum so fucking bad!  I had thrown on one of my sluttiest outfits and “dirty girl” high heels that I knew would provide the proper bait for my next conquest. Underneath the sluttish exterior, I had nothing on, no bra and no panties.  Never one to shy away from attention, I had made the decision last year to let the hair on my pussy grow back in retro style.  I truly enjoyed flashing anyone who “cared to stare.”  To say I had prepared myself for a “quickie” was an understatement.  My long blonde hair flowed over my shoulders and blood red lipstick proved the final enticement for scoring some fine piece of ass this evening.

The place was packed with so many hot girls in a variety of clothing from simple jeans and t-shirt to the latest in club gear. I noticed a table of four with three professional looking women and one, for lack of  a better term, “biker chick.”  I made my way past their table and sat at the end of the bar. I quickly ordered a shot of tequila and chased it with a Bud Light when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

I then turned to see the “biker chick” standing in front of me.  I could see the other ladies looking at me and took the opportunity to deliberately spread my legs for them to see. “Care to join us,” the biker chick asked” in semi-demanding tone. Sure, why not, I said.  I followed Dana to the table and sat next to her.  I introduced myself to the group and jokingly asked if they liked the show? Dana, “aka biker chick” was actually a very attractive blonde and later I found out the reason behind her attire and persona. . .

“You sure are one hot piece of ass,” Dana said loud enough for all to hear. She was not not as brash as she let on behind the bravado and leather. My pussy started to moisten in anticipation of activities to be determined, whether it be with Dana or another one of the babes at the table. I tried to make small talk with the other women but, it was clear Dana was in charge of the night and held the key to my orgasm(s). Dana chimed in, “I bet you have a great tasting pussy.”

With that, she slid her hand under the table and placed it firmly on my bare leg. I tried not to get too excited but, could feel my pussy getting wetter by the moment. One of the executive type looking women ordered a round for the table and it didn’t take long for the shots (and my pussy) to start flowing. I couldn’t hold much more liquor and knew I needed to relieve myself soon. I excused myself from the table and headed for the ladies room.

Apparently, Dana followed closely as before I could even sit down to pee, she was standing over me. I was to far gone to hold it any longer and released a stream of piss as Dana watched intently. After the final drop of pee, Dana took some toilet paper and wiped me clean before shoving two fingers deep inside my cunt. I immediately felt my muscles tighten around her finger providing some finger fucking friction. I was in heaven! She rammed two fingers back and forth, shoving me against the stall door. I gasped with delight as this was the hard fucking that I craved!

Dana then bit my earlobe and confirmed that she was “going to give my pretty blonde cunt the fucking it needs!” What a powerful woman. My legs were spread perfectly to allow her to work my pussy with her fingers and my clit with her thumb.  What a “multi-tasker!”  The sensation is to difficult to put into words. Dana then did something that was a first for me as she stuck one finger in my ass while leaving two fingers in my pussy.  Rub your clit bitch, Dana demanded. I did not dare question her authority over my impending orgasm.

My hair fell all over the place as my head swayed side to side in near orgasmic pleasure. I yelled, “Don’t you dare stop finger fucking me, I’m going to cum!” Dana fucked me deep and hard and I must say, I really loved having her finger shoved in my virgin ass.  “Cum For Me Baby” and with that I exploded into the most dirty orgasm of my life. She then finally kissed me as she sucked on my tongue and moaned.  I dug my fingernails into her butt cheeks in a firm embrace of sincere gratitude. My head was spinning. Never in all my sexual life had anyone fucked me so quickly and so hard!

Dana and I then returned to the table and returned to fresh drinks in front of our seats.  I found out that each of these women were professional executives wives that go out monthly in search of hot babes to fuck while their husbands are away on business. In order to spice things up, one always dresses in character, hence Dana’s attire. “I’m staking my claim on this pussy,” Dana joke to the group. What a small world as we were all in a similar boat, well actually I guess our husbands travel by plane. Forget about future pussy hunts for me.  Besides finding a great new bar and having my brains fucked out. . .

I guess I am now part of the “While the Husband’s Away, the Wife’s Will Play Club!”

Date: July 14, 2015